Utah’s Mike Lee is in the group supposedly writing the GOP health bill, so why hasn’t he seen it?

the Republican-led effort to repeal Obamacare, blaming party leadership Tuesday for "the lack of transparency in this process."

"I've had a lot of people ask me, specifically, when the health care bill is going to be released to the public, why it isn't public," he said in an online video addressing constituents. "The short answer to the question is that I haven't seen it either."

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Jim Dabakis: Open letter to new Democratic state party chair

By Jim Dabakis

For the Deseret News

Published: June 20, 2017 10:05 p.m.Updated: yesterday

Congratulations Daisy Thomas on your election as the Utah state Democratic Party chair last weekend. In 2011, when I was elected chair, I found there is no manual. You are on your own. So, Daisy, here are a few words culled from my three years on the 24/7 party merry-go-round.

Make friends with our guys and theirs. You will love Utah Democrats — all across Utah — but don't forget all the "other" good people across our beautiful state. When I was serving, the GOP chair was Thomas Wright. In our first few encounters, we circled each other cautiously, but it didn't take long for us to strike up a genuine friendship. We traveled the state together. In countless joint appearances — most of them debates — Thomas and I arrived in the same car. As we drove far and near, we talked. Not just about politics or policy — that only lasts so long on the drive to Moab. Mostly we chatted about family and work. It was normal friend talk. We got to know each other outside of the political blah-blah world. Sometimes we even worked together, as on a vote-by-mail law.

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'Political Insiders' say Salt Lake City Council made the right decision not putting Dabakis on UTA Board

Written by Bryan Schott, Managing Editor Utah Policy

Our "Political Insiders" mostly think the Salt Lake City Council made the right choice when they rejected Sen. Jim Dabakis' nomination to the Utah Transit Authority board.

Dabakis had made a promise to be a voice for reform in the embattled organization, but the city council members questioned his lack of experience with transportation issues when they nixed his nomination by a 6-1 vote.

The Republicans on our panel and our readers overwhelmingly agreed with the city council's action to vote down Dabakis' appointment, while the Democrats who responded to our survey were evenly divided.

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Salt Lake City Council shuts down Dabakis' appointment to UTA board

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SLC Council rejects Dabakis as UTA board member

BY  Fox 13, UPDATED AT 11:03PM, JUNE 13, 2017

SALT LAKE CITY — The mayor of Salt Lake City wanted him to be the watchdog on the board of the Utah Transit Authority, but the Salt Lake City Council doesn’t want Senator Jim Dabakis on that board—and they made it pretty clear before a vote on Tuesday evening.

The council interviewed Dabakis during a work session Tuesday afternoon, then voted on the matter during their regular council meeting a couple hours later.

Mayor Jackie Biskupski appointed Dabakis to replace the former board member, whom she recently removed from the position.

“We absolutely need somebody in there who can help build public trust,” she said.

UTA sits at the center of a federal investigation after a 2014 audit found excessive spending, bonuses and lack of controls.

The board recently approved a controversial land deal that involved consulting with the U.S. Attorney’s office.

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SLC Council Rejects Dabakis For UTA Board


Earlier this month Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski nominated state Sen. Jim Dabakis (D-Salt Lake City) to represent the city on the Utah Transit Authority Board. But on Tuesday evening the city council voted down the nomination.

Dabakis has been a vocal critic of UTA’s closed door meetings and favorable deals with developers. He reminded the city council that in 2015 Salt Lake County voters rejected Proposition 1—a tax increase for transportation projects.

“The reason we’re not getting that extra money from the vote is because people don’t trust the UTA,” Dabakis said.

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SLC Council is worried about the plumbing on a burning UTA board, spurned Dabakis says

First Published Jun 13 2017 12:18PM    •    Last Updated Jun 14 2017 03:02 pm

Reading the room, state Sen. Jim Dabakis concluded in the middle of a Tuesday confirmation hearing that he was unlikely to be named Salt Lake City's representative on the Utah Transit Authority's board.

"I'll move on with the fragile parts of my life without this appointment," he told the Salt Lake City Council during the interview, in which council members were friendly but unrelenting in expressing their doubts about Dabakis' qualifications.

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Letter: Put Dabakis on the UTA board

First Published Jun 08 2017 05:51AM    •    Last Updated Jun 08 2017 05:51 am

I know the Salt Lake City Council does not like the Salt Lake City mayor. But the members are wrong to oppose her on everything.

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Thousands celebrate Pride in Salt Lake City

Fox 13 POSTED 5:58 PM, JUNE 4, 2017, BY 

SALT LAKE CITY -- The colors of the rainbow took over the streets of Salt Lake City Sunday morning, symbolizing a diverse crowd where differences are celebrated.

"The movement and the beauty and the love and the support that we have for diversity and for our LGBTQ community is very strong," says Stephanie of Salt Lake City.

It's not something people would necessarily expect here in Utah.

"I think we've come a long way. We still have a lot to go, which is why we have these," says Bobby, who traveled from Cincinnati, Ohio for the Pride Parade.

However, each year, the acceptance grows and so does the parade.

"We only saw a group of one protesters; everyone else had such love," says Emerald of Woods Cross.

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City Council members question Dabakis’ qualifications for UTA board and mayor’s motives for nominating him

By | The Salt Lake Tribune

Salt Lake City Council members said Thursday that they are unlikely to sign off on the appointment of state Sen. Jim Dabakis to the Utah Transit Authority board, and they wondered why Mayor Jackie Biskupski would put forth a name she knew might be dead on arrival.

At least two of Salt Lake City's seven council members told the administration prior to Wednesday's announcement that they had reservations about his appointment. Six who spoke to The Salt Lake Tribune on Thursday found fault in the mayor's choice.

"We're in an unfortunate position where we have a very good individual who likely will be voted down because we have a different priority mindset," said Councilman Charlie Luke, who said he is close friends with Dabakis, but that the senator lacks the necessary experience in transportation. "This is too big of an issue to be playing politics with, and right now, that's all this has become."
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