Jim Dabakis gets kicked out of everywhere

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Republicans shy away from town halls

Anna V. Smith April 20, 2017

Facing loud booing in a crowded high school auditorium, Rep. Chris Stewart, R-Utah, stands on stage alone behind a lectern, waiting for the audience to tire themselves out. “I won the district…” Stewart starts, before being drowned out. “Gerrymandering!” someone yells. “Do your job!” Some in the crowd hush the hecklers. Constituents fill the room: women in pink knitted hats ubiquitous at Women’s Marches, a young man in a black cowboy hat, families and white-haired couples. Just one man wears his red Make America Great Again hat, which Stewart tells the crowd is brave. 

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Report: Tax exemptions cost Utah $426 million last year

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Urban, rural lawmakers spar over lands-figtht spending

  APR 11, 2017

A state lawmaker says wilderness advocates are waging a war of attrition in the wildlands fight.

Kathleen Clarke leads Utah’s public lands policy office. Her job includes guiding the state’s legal battle over 12,000 roads in rural Utah. The state is fighting the federal government to prevent federal wilderness designation on the land those roads cross. She told legislative budget-makers Thursday some of her agency’s budget will help pay for 200 crucial interviews that need to be done in the next two years.

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2017 Legislative Wrap Up

2017 , APRIL , ARTICLES , MONTHLY MAGAZINE , POLITICS , PRINT ISSUES Sarah Ryther Francom Apr 11, 2017

Though Utah’s 2017 legislative session started with a bang and ended with a record number of bills passed, it was a relatively quiet 45 days. The state’s 62nd Legislature kicked off on Monday, January 23, just a few days following President Donald Trump’s inauguration. And one of lawmakers’ first actions was to send the new president and the republican-controlled congress a message: rescind Bears Ears National Monument. The message was heard loud and clear by the Outdoor Retailer show, which announced it was taking its twice-yearly event—and its $50 million economic impact—out of Utah.

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GOP Rep. Chris Stewart booed at Salt Lake City town hall

By The Associated Press 

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Will SITLA Play ‘Hardball’ With Moab Development?

  APR 6, 2017

It’s called SITLA, which stands for the cumbersome bureaucratic title, “School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration.” SITLA’s sole mission is to maximize profits from state-owned lands for the benefit of Utah’s K-12 schools. In Moab, that means creating a large new resort complex, dubbed “Lion’s Back,” in the heart of the Sand Flats Recreation District. 

Stalled by a decade of debate and lawsuits, Lion’s Back is facing new lawsuits filed this week by local environmental groups, who are saying the local water supply would be threatened.

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GOP rep faces jeers, protests at Utah town hall


Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah) was booed by a group of about 1,000 protestors as he defended GOP policies during a town hall in Salt Lake City on Friday.

According to the Associated Press, the protesters urged the congressman to "do your job" by investigating the connection between President Trump's team and Russia.

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Two of Utah Legislature’s top tweeters talk social media tactics

MARCH 27, 2017 by 

Utah Senators Todd Weiler, R-Woods Cross and Jim Dabakis, D-Salt Lake City, are, according to Weiler, the Utah Legislature’s two most animated tweeters. The legislative session that ended earlier this month provided them plenty of opportunity.

When the two go back and forth on Twitter, Weiler said followers assume they can’t stand each other, but in reality, they’re fond friends — Weiler likens it to two puppies play fighting. Behind that effect are philosophies in common for the two senators on rules of decorum between politicians and their followers on social media.

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Should Utah Crack Down on Drunk Driving?

  MAR 23, 2017

Earlier this month, Utah legislators passed a bill that would give the state the strictest DUI law in the country. The Beehive State was the first to lower the legal blood-alcohol content from .1 to .08, and the new law, if signed by Governor Gary Herbert, would further lower that limit to .05. Supporters say doing so will reduce drunk driving and save lives, while opponents worry that the law will hurt restaurants, bars, and the state’s reputation. Thursday, we’ll hear from both sides.

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