My Advice to New Democratic Party Chair, Daisy Thomas

Dear Daisy, Congrats on winning the Utah State Democratic Party Chair job. In 2011 when I was elected, I found out there is no manual. You are on your own. So just a few words culled from my three years of 24/7 on the Party Merry-Go-Round.

Make friends with our guys and THEIR'S. You will love Utah Democrats--all across Utah. But don't forget all the 'other' good people across our beautiful state.

The GOP chair when I was serving was Thomas Wright. When we first met, we circled each other cautiously. But it didn't take long for us to strike up a genuine friendship. We traveled the state together.

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Personal Moment: My Husband Turns 50 in a Few Days!

You are my friends--I can talk here.

I may be the luckiest guy ever. Stephen and I are not stuffy or sentimental people, but my husband is hitting the big 50 milestone in a few days. I have been watching him lately. A little unusual after 30 years together. I love what I see. No one ever worked harder in life--with some serious handicaps that would overwhelm other people--but Stephen never complains or makes excuses.

This week he is moving our whole art warehouse operation (with a couple of great friends--Lee and Igor). Manual work from 7AM. He comes home about 8 at night and labors at the computer until late. Such a work ethic. He has always been like that.


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Utah Uranium Mill Operates 10 Years With Expired Permit--Will Mill Owners Will Get Incentives?

URGENT legislative hearings should be held on why, for more than TEN YEARS, a uranium mill was operating in the state of Utah with an expired state permit. And astonishingly, why only now (when the mill wants to EXPAND) is the state looking into its expired permit?


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Our Priceless National Parks are Falling Apart...Yet All We Hear From Hatch and Bishop is Whining About Bears Ears!

With "Mr. Powerfuls" Orrin (Chair of Senate Finance) and Bishop (Chair of House Natural Resources) at the keel, a huge $12 billion deferred maintenance backlog has crippled our National Parks. Guys, have you been to our Parks lately? Perhaps you should quit your endless political blathering about stopping Bears Ears and actually use your 'power' for GOOD, not evil!


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Nomination Killed. A Few Weeks Ago--We Warned You About This Nomination. Well, YOU Made a Difference

This friend of the Governor's was headed to the biggest honeypot job in state government, handing out hundreds of millions of dollars a year in highway and transportation contracts. Now, he is out--you guys were tremendously vocal and it made a huge difference. The Legislature listens--when we howl (sometimes). 


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Has Utah State University Sold Itself to the Koch Brothers?

First, I love Aggieland. I think President Cockett is as good as they get. BUT, this is a serious issue. Should a state university sell access to the minds of its students? Should it sell to donors a say on hiring of professors and staff or a say in textbook choices? Should a university use the status of its professors to lend credence to its donors business and political interests?

From 'Inside Higher Ed' Magazine


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California Governor Brown--We are Utahns and We Love What You are Doing on Climate Change.

Governor, these brave Utah legislators are unafraid to mention the unmentionable C words – Climate Change. The Utah Legislature and Governor simply pretend it is not there. Ignoring science. Dithering away our planet's future--to keep a few of their extremist delegates satiated! Imagine what their great grandchildren will say about them!


Rocky Mountain Power Wants Your Scarce Water

For their own selfish corporate interests, in 2016, Rocky Mountain Power (the utility that regulates the Governor, legislature and the PSC) stabbed Utah's nascent, independent rooftop solar industry in the back. Now, they are going after our Utah water. (RMP) has announced their intention to divert large quantities of the Bear River upstream of the Great Salt Lake.


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Sad Truth, Utah Dumps its Mentally Ill People in Jails and Prison. No Wonder Winder May Quit!

Mentally ill people are jamming Utah detention cells. Prison is not the place to help--it only makes matters worse. This catastrophe could be on the road to being solved IF Utah would take its full share of Medicaid Expansion, $747 million dollars a year.

But, they would not.


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Such a Clear Misunderstanding of American Values by A Cabinet Secretary is Frightening!

For me, the most outrageous statement from the Trump entourage during the trip abroad came from the billionaire Secretary of Commerce Ross who bragged

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