Why Jason Quit. Because, As Usual, It is All About Jason (And the Vanity Fair Story)

All the 'why did Jason quit'. Not tough to guess.

It was fun to be in charge of 'investigations' when the Democrats were in power. Political hayday! Benghazi and Hillary's emails ad Infinium.

But there is NO upside for Jason to preside over scrutinizing the multiple pus sores of the Trump regime. So, Jason will quit the House. My guess is he will try and get a gig in NYC working for Fox (Mike Huckabee made $1 million a year as a 'commentator').


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Do you agree with the Governor on These Four Issues?

At his Press conference last week the Governor gave opinions on four issues. Bears Ears, UTA, Education, Medical Pot.

BEARS EARS "Repeal is certainly on the table" for Bears Ears, as is reducing its size, Herbert said.

UTA "I think the UTA is now in a good place," he said. " I think the openness and transparency we wanted to see is now there"

MORE EDUCATION FUNDING 'Our Schools Now' ballot initiative drive to raise taxes for education may not be needed. ..and raising taxes could dampen that and "kill the goose that laid the golden egg."

MEDICAL MARIJUANA He is satisfied with Utah's slow approach to consider medical legalization.


Another Case of Corruption. Officials--Move Along, Nothing to See Here

Catch this, it is subtle--but corrupt and the kind of insider crap that comes from the rot of thirty years of complete one party rule. Take $120,000 a year of taxpayers money. Lauder it to a 'private' entity. Then politicos and lobbyists use it as a slush fund--to buy 'sponsored' stories in the Deseret News. Stories that make the lobbyists and elected officials look good. (BTW, notice the $10K a month cash flow to the Deseret News will continue. DN, the ETHICAL thing to do would be to end the contract--it is tainted money!).

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Judge. Seriously, Apologize.

What remains dauntingly perplexing is that Judge Thomas Low has not apologized to the victims. Does he believe he did nothing wrong? That lack of humility would make it very difficult for me to vote to retain him.

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Sad That We Need Rally For Science

"America is nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge" Isaac Asimov. (Photo is of a great, humble Utahn, who every school child should venerate--at least as much as any basketball player!)

UTAH--Taking People Off the Street--and Putting Them Into Our Classrooms!

There is a teacher shortage emergency in Utah! Remote San Juan County solved their shortage. They gave teachers a HUGE raise. The rest of the state should try that. The state's absurd solution to classrooms without teachers (and a spit into the eye of hardworking dedicated Utah teachers) is to drop all teaching credential requirements and to let anyone with any degree stroll into a Utah classroom and immediately start to teach. A grand social engineering experiment in the history of American education by the legislature--necessitated by a continuing stubborn disavowal to properly fund Utah K-12.

The state is delusional. Our policy supposes that anyone off the street can pop into 5 or 6 classes a day, filled with 30-35 junior high school kids and teach them math! WITH NO TRAINING! No credential necessary.

Imagine that.

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Brave Post By BYU Quarterback!

Tanner Mangum, BYU's starting quarterback, posted this. I am now a BIG fan of Tanner. In the macho world of football, this takes some courage.


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Groups Win Court Stay on Proposed ATV Route in Bears Ears

The Department of the Interior Board of Land Appeals (IBLA) issued an order granting SUWA’s Petition for Stay in our recent appeal fighting new ATV trails in Indian Creek, inside Bears Ears National Monument.

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A Note to the Group ‘Our Schools Now’

‘Our Schools Now’ is a group of well-heeled and influential Utah citizens (mostly GOP moderates) who wants to finally get serious with on-going funding for K-12 education. They are looking at putting an initiative on the ballot for 2018. The ‘do-nothing’ legislature and Governor oppose this (of course).


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Utah's Low Income Kids Rank Dead Last in School Breakfast and Lunch Programs

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